Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

The Group of Twenty which is also known as the (G-20 or G20) is an international forum for the governments and central bank governors from 20 major economies. Brisbane was the host of this world summit for 2014 and world leaders from 20 respective countries came to Brisbane last week to discuss key global issues. It started in 1999 as a meeting of Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in the aftermath of the Asian financial crisis. In 2008, the first G20 Leaders’ Summit was held, and the group played a key role in responding to the global financial crisis. Its decisive and coordinated actions boosted consumer and business confidence and supported the first stages of economic recovery. G20 leaders have met eight times since 2008 (G20 2014). While Zimbabwe is not part of the G20, our neighbouring country South Africa is and was represented by President Jacob Zuma and other official G20 delegates. For those who are not heavily into politics, this particular event may not sound interesting or worth investing your time in. However, the content discussed leading up to this summit and at the official meeting can be useful knowledge and I believe that there is always something to learn in every situation. I challenged myself to get involved and participate in events leading up to the official meeting.

I attended the Brisbane Global Cafe – an international centre of thought leadership that was held ahead of the G20 Leaders Summit in Brisbane. The event was also live-streamed online and coverage included items from local and global media outlets. A rich array of technology pioneers, scientists, entrepreneurs, researchers, inventors and new-world thinkers were attracted to this major curtain-raiser event ahead of the summit (Choose Brisbane, 2014). These individuals flew to Brisbane from places that include Cape Town and some live streamed from places such as New York therefore the opinions and talks were different based on cultures and how each individuals economy functions.

The lessons I took away from attending this event is that the world is full of opportunities. Firstly, you have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone and speak to different people who come from different walks of life. Anyone can be a teacher and it is important to network. Secondly, failure is something that is not always fully embraced in many cultures and as a result, often stifles many individuals and their talents are not tapped into fully. The lesson of embracing failure is important for everyone, especially entrepreneurs. Do not let the fear of failure deter you from achieving your goals.

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