IELTS Preparation

The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the world’s most popular test for higher education and global migration. Last year, over 2 million candidates took the IELTS test to start their journeys into education and employment. IELTS is the key language qualification which is required for entry into British, Australian (and many American) universities and colleges of higher education. This course is an intensive preparation which aims to provide you with the skills you need  to achieve your desired result. It includes all areas of English; reading, speaking, listening and writing.


  • 25 hours face to face teaching per week
  • Start dates every monday
  • Additional material (including interactive multimedia) available online
  • Weekly practice tests and individual consultation with your teacher
  • Be better prepared for further studies and work in the industry
  • Pathway into colleges, TAFE and universities
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate to advanced
  • 1-36 weeks.

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