English Proficiency

Studying Certificates in English Proficiency is probably one of the cheapest and more convenient options for those beginners who are looking for a good understanding of basic grammar and vocabulary. It is an easy-to-understand course and smooth progress from having little or no English to speaking elementary or pre-Intermediate English in just a few months.

The Certificate Courses in English Proficiency are VET programs which includes Certificate II, Certificate III and Certificate IV.  Each one is a nationally recognized certificate that covers all four key language skills. Since these courses are a VET program, with competency-based outcomes, attendance is not reported to Immigration.

[highlight type=”standard, dark”]COURSE DESCRIPTION[/highlight]

  • 20 hours per week study options (6 hours core units, 14 hours of workshops/study skills)
  • 1/2 days per week with load of home work
  • Flexible timetable and multiple start dates
  • Online support materials
  • Free face-to-face English language assistance
[highlight type=”standard, dark”]OBJECTIVES[/highlight]
  • Learn how to have conversations in English in a wide range of situations
  • Learn how to ask for information and buy goods and services
  • Learn how to understand and write stories and narratives
  • Participate in a range of interactions and group activities for further study
  • Listen and take notes for research
[highlight type=”standard, dark”]LEVELS[/highlight]
  • Intermediate
  • Upper-intermediate
  • Advanced
[highlight type=”standard, dark”]ENTRY REQUIREMENTS[/highlight]
  • IELTS 4,5
  • Level Placement Test
[highlight type=”standard, dark”]COURSE LENGTH[/highlight]
  • Certificate II:24 weeks: 5 terms of 4 weeks + 4 weeks of holidays.
  • Certificate III: 24 weeks: 5 terms of 4 weeks + 4 weeks of holidays.
  • Certificate IV: 27 weeks: 3 terms of 8 weeks + 3 weeks of holidays.
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