English for Engineering

If you want to work in the field of Engineering in an English speaking environment,or are already an Engineer,this course has been designed for you, providing you with the English language skills and vocabulary specifically tailored for Engineers. You will gain the appropriate level skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking for all aspects of an engineer’s duties.

[highlight type=”standard, dark”]COURSE DESCRIPTION[/highlight]


  • 25 hours face to face teaching per week
  • Individualised study planner to track progress
  • Additional material (including interactive multimedia) available online
  • Closed intake, numbers are limited
[highlight type=”standard, dark”]OBJECTIVES[/highlight]
  • Learn the language and skills to work in the Engineering industry
  • Be better prepared for further studies and work in the industry
[highlight type=”standard, dark”]LEVELS[/highlight]
  • Upper-intermediate
  • Advanced
[highlight type=”standard, dark”]ENTRY REQUIREMENTS[/highlight]
  • Pre-intermediate to Upper-intermediate
[highlight type=”standard, dark”]COURSE LENGTH[/highlight]
  • 12 weeks
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