affordableWhyBrisbane is one of Australia’s most affordable places to study. You’ll find that tuition fees provide students with value for money, and cost of living expenses are more affordable compared to other developed countries.

Australian Education International estimates than an international student in Australia will spend about $380 a week on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport and telephone. This figure is only an estimate though, and will change depending on your location, lifestyle and even your course.


How Much Money to Bring

You need to make sure you have enough funds to support you when you first arrive. It is recommended that you have approximately $1500 to $2000 available for the first three weeks to pay for temporary accommodation and transport.

Indicative Costs

Cost of living in Brisbane varies according to your lifestyle. A general guide to costs of living per week can be found below.

Type    Approximate Cost Of Living Per Week
Accommodation $100 – $225
Meals $50 – $100
Transport $5 – $15
Phone $10 – $75
Internet $15 – $20