About Us

MyAustralianDream.com has been based in the motto “Students helping students”. We are young students and entrepreneurs who found in Australia, particularly in Brisbane, a wealth of opportunities far away from the European crisis. Brisbane works, and works in terms of World-class Educational Institutions, in terms of job opportunities and in terms of quality of life. All our counsellors are officially recognized as Qualified Education Agent Counsellor and are listed in the QEAC database. With a wide experience in the sector we have been working hard to create a network where you can easily find your way to Australia.

Enter, join and discover the MAD Community where you may find tips, FAQs and all the necessary for your Aussie Experience. We have already fulfilled our Australian Dream, what about yours? What are you waiting for?

Meet the team:

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  • Languages spoken: Spanish, Italian, English.
  • Studies in Brisbane:
    • English for Academic Purposes
    • Master in Architecture.
    • Advanced Diploma of Management



  • Languages spoken: Italian, English.
  • Studies in Brisbane:
    • Bachelor of Health, Sport and Physical Education